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Our mission is to spread the gospel (good news) of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Using amatuer (HAM) radio; to bring together seasoned radio operators to felleowship and mentor new HAMs and strengthen our walk with Christ.

Heaven or hell...?

Where will you go after you die? Our Bible tells us that anyone who has not beleived in Jesus and His sacrifice for us will not see the kingdom of heaven and WILL spend eternity suffering in hell. We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of GOD but the gospels (good news) tells us that if we would only admit that we have sinned against GOD, repent of our sins and ask for His forgivness and ask Jesus to come into our lives and beleive that Christ is the Son of GOD who beared our sins to Himself then by dying on the cross, being buried and rising 3 days later deafeated death forever.GOD loves all and doesnt want anyone to perish. Jesus knocks on the door but will not force His way in; this is our free will or free choice. GOD does not send people to hell we go there as a result of our free choice to do so. Broad is the path to death and destruction; narrow path to GOD. Many will come but few will stay on the narrow path.