Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC)

Effective January 1, 2015 California DOJ requires the FSC for purchasing ANY firearm (Handgun, Long Gun or Receiver) for non-exempt CA residents. Click below for list of FSC (HSC) exemptions.
If you still have a valid Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC), you may still purchase handguns ONLY until expiration date on your HSC card.

Valid for 5 years
30 question test - multiple choice, true/false
Untimed - closed book
$25.00 (Includes one free re-test - must wait 24hrs.)

FSC Study Guide

FSC General Information

FSC (HSC) Exemptions


During the test:
We will not answer any questions after the test starts.
You may not have any written material other than the test booklet and answer sheet that we provide.
No cell phones or pagers are allowed in the testing area.
Test materials are not allowed out of the test area.
Only you and the proctor may be present when the test is reviewed after grading.
Use of the restroom must take place before you arrive. We do not have public restrooms.

Please leave cell phones, pagers & written material in your car we will not store them for you.
You will need your CA ID card or CA Driver's License (must show current correct home address) and $25.00 (cash only).
Study booklets are available on line - HERE
Lost / Damaged replacement Card: $5.00 (must be purchased from the original place of testing).

The Safe Handling Demonstration
This last hurdle is the Safe Handling Demonstration.
Briefly, it consists of a short discussion of malfunctions, operational controls, DOJ safety recommendations, ammunition capacity, and an operational test using dummy ammunition.

Our skilled staff will guide you through the demo - first discuss the operational controls and safety rules, then they perform the demo for you, and then prompt you through the demo. If you mess up, you get to do it again and again and again…  until you pass. Under our careful and knowledgeable supervision no one has failed a demo yet.

Here are some thoughts to ponder relative to this demo.

First, responsible gun dealers, (which includes all of the ones I know), care enough and are professional enough to go over this material with their customers as required by California law.

Second, Before the Dems wrote a very confusing law telling us how to do our job, we were able to tailor our delivery process to match the gun and your level of knowledge. Since they wrote this very specific law, we now have to run our customers through a liberal "it's a little confusing but since it feels good it must be right" law regardless whether they need it or not. In other words, this law was written to correct a non-existent problem.

Third, when we get to the confusing parts, please stop us and ask questions as you need to. Our certified instructors will take the time to make sure you understand anything that is not clear.

Finally, there are limits to what can be accomplished in the short time you spend going through the safety demo, at some point you need practical hands on experience. Most of the area ranges can provide you with excellent training courses and we highly recommend you select one appropriate for you, your firearm, and your skill level. You will find links to some quality training and ranges on our "Links" page.


Prov. 27:17

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